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How it works

We can take a deposit, but please know, if you send a deposit you have to be patient with us and also know that deposits are non refundable, the way it works is, if we don't get what you want in one litter your deposit will roll over to the next litter until we get what you want.


ATTENTION: Please Do NOT send a deposit without first contacting us to confirm availability: 661-267-6692

Our deposits are $220.00 thru Paypal  the extra $20.00 is for paypal fee's, and is not added into the price of the puppy, the remainder of the balance is cash only and due when you pick up your puppy

Supplies you'll need when you pick up your puppy

What you should know and have on hand when you pick you puppy up.

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Things we suggest you’ll need before you pick up your puppy


1.     We feed Nutra Nugget right now because that’s all we can get at the moment, We’ll be giving you a sample when you pick up your pupy.

2.    We also give them vitamins from NuVet, I’ll be giving you a small sample, I suggest you order these before you bring your puppy home so you don’t run out, We suggest that you use these for at least the first year,  Here is the ordering info, or 800-474-7044 order Code 30049

3.    Bring a box or Crate with a blanket in it so that your puppy is comfortable for the ride home.

4.    Also bring a toy for you puppy to play with, Please make sure it’s not from China

5.    I would also pick up some puppy pads for your ride home (you don’t want to let your puppy go to the bathroom anywhere there may have been other dogs because he or she has only had their first set of shots

This is what I have available

Please check out our Facebook or Instagram page for puppies that are available

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