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Puppy Contract

                                                                                    THREE D’S

                                                             **PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA 93551**



                                                          CONTRACT/CONDITIONS OF SALE

Thank you for the purchase of your new family member from us and we welcome you into our Dachshund family.  We are including our health guarantee for your information and peace of mind. We have raised all our Dachshund’s with love and care.  We want you to enjoy them and love them as we have.



Name of Dog/Puppy:








1.     BREEDER guarantees that the above dog is a purebred and registered with the American           Kennel Club (AKC)

2.     BREEDER cannot guarantee adult size, color, hair coat, temperament or train ability of puppy

3.     BREEDER does not assume any liability for any injury, or neglect to said puppy after delivery

4.     BREEDER warrants that this puppy has been wormed and vaccinated in accordance to its age, and both parties agree that it appears healthy. BUYER realizes the purchase of a live animal carries with it the risk of said puppy contracting various vermin, bacteria, or viruses that are not in the control of either BREEDER or BUYER.  Beyond the 72 hour health guarantee, the BREEDER offers NO GUARANTEE AGAINST INFECTIOUS DISEASE.


1.     By Signing this Contract BUYER agrees to all terms listed below:

2.     BUYER agrees to have puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. IF, after examination by a veterinarian acceptable to both parties, the puppy is determined to be in POOR HEALTH, puppy MAY BE RETURNED to the BREEDER WITH A WRITTED REPORT FROM THE VETERINARIAN

3.     The BREEDER will replace the puppy withy another puppy as soon as one is available of the same sex and value. NO CASH REFUNDS, REPLACEMENTS ONLY.  At no time will the BREEDER be responsible for any vet fees incurred by the BUYER

4.     BUYER agrees this puppy is sold with a One year guaranteed against life threatening hereditary genetic diseases. If, after examination by Two licensed veterinarians acceptable to both parties, the puppy is determined to have a disease, the puppy may be returned to the BREEDER (at the buyer’s expense) along with all paperwork, and exchanged for another puppy of same value

5.     BUYER must be aware that a puppy is a baby and is leaving our home and entering a new environment. Stress related sicknesses may occur. I cannot guarantee that the above described puppy is free from parasites or any other types of intestinal parasites (i.e. Guardia, Coccidia) as these can be brought on by stress, contaminated water, or other animals that have it. These things can easily be cured as well. I can only control what they are exposed to in my home once they leave here I cannot and will not be held responsible for what they are exposed to.

6.     We try our best for a happy, healthy puppy. Proper care is a must.  BUYER  agrees to provide quality food; water, shelter and veterinarian care for the life of the canine.

7.     All deposits are non-refundable unless the puppy dies while in our care. All puppies with deposits place on them be pick-up and paid for in full by 9 weeks of age.  If the puppy stays with us longer then 9 weeks a boarding fee will be charged of $10 per day.

                                                              AKC Registration:

(_)   BUYER agrees to include our kennel name: Three D’s as a prefix before the puppy’s registered name.

(_)    Full Registration includes AKC breeding/show rights.

(_)    Limited registration,  Puppy may not be used for breeding and shall be spayed/neutered by his/her 1st birthday

AKC Papers:

(_)     Are included

(_)     Will be sent as soon as I receive them

(_)     Will be released as soon as I receive proof of spay/neuter.

This agreement is made for our mutual benefit to protect you as well as ourselves.  It is understood that under no circumstances will we stand responsible after Three days, or if an expense is incurred in connection with the care of this dog through Vet bills during the Three day period.

Any deletions to this contract shall be struck out and initialed by both parties, and additional amendments will be noted on the back of this sheet followed by the signatures of both parties.

If shipping is required a fee with be added to puppy and must be paid in advance of shipping puppy.

If you have read this thoroughly and agree, a $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the puppy.


Signed and dated this





Buyers name _______________________________

Home Address______________________________

City, State, Zip Code__________________________

Phone Number_______________________                                                                                              Email Address_______________________________

Enjoy your new puppy!  Please feel free to call if there are any problems or if you just have questions.

Thank you,

Barbara Harrison & Robin Rose

Three D’s Dachshund

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